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Commercial and Industrial Roofing Contractor

Our Grand Rapids roofing company has finished roofing projects throughout West Michigan since 1957. J&L Roofing is family owned and operated and each generation has followed the mission legacy of service pride and quality. Below is a small sampling of recent commercial and industrial roofing projects constructed by J&L Roofing

Van Andel Arena

Van Andel Arena-Van Andel arena has a unique roof system in that the roof insulation was designed and installed in such a way as to help with the acoustics during sporting events and especially during concerts. Batt insulation was installed in the flutes of the deck and sound absorbing fiberglass insulation was installed to allow sound to be absorbed instead of bouncing off. A tough Siplast modified bitumen roof system was applied over the insulation that will hold up to the tough Michigan winters and allow for moderate foot traffic on the lower roofs to clean windows.

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Plaza Towers

Plaza Towers-at the Towers there is virtually a roof or two on every level from 2-32. Balconies, pools, mechanical equipment and rooms are all protected with EPDM roof systems that were installed as the project climbed skyward as Grand Rapids tallest building. The initial design of the building was defective and as such all the panels on the outside walls were removed and new brick installed. This in turn caused construction damage to the existing roofs and had to be reroofed. J & L Roofing was one of only a select few contractors allowed to work for a second time on this amazing downtown structure.

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Cook-DeVos Center for Health Sciences

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Grand Rapids Art Museum

Grand Rapids Art Museum-as the world's first LEED Gold certified Art Museum, the roofing played a significant role in helping to obtain the Gold certification. Insulation was designed with optimum heating and cooling costs in mind and a recyclable EPDM roof system was installed. The EPDM was then coated with a white acrylic coating to get another point towards the Gold certification. The water pond and sculpture courts also have a J & L installed Firestone EPDM roof system to keep the millions of dollars of paintings and sculptures protected.

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DeVos Place Convention Center

DeVos Place -DeVos Performance Hall portion-The meeting rooms, ballrooms, the performance Hall all have a Firestone TPO (Thermoplastic polyolefin) membrane protecting the actors and musicians that grace our most recognizable performance hall on the west side of the state. This roof system was designed for its tough characteristics to allow foot traffic and yet be flexible enough to move with the building and the myriad of levels that are necessary for a complex facility such as this

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Knapp Forest Elementary School

Knapp Forest Elementary-this new school building in the Forest Hills Public School District was designed with LEED criteria in mind and the roof is an integral part of any LEED designed building. This roof has many different levels and designs to let natural light enter the building to allow for less electrical costs. All the different levels and slopes have a fully adhered EPDM roof system installed over R=30 roof insulation. The black surface was then coated with a white acrylic coating to allow for the LEED credit points necessary to get the LEED certification.

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If you would like any additional information about current roofing systems or the construction methods utilized on any of these roofing projects, please contact us today.